Tuesday, September 22, 2015


 I love summer :)


 Is This really a grey hair??  What is happening :/ This makes me sick...

Oh I love summer!

 Did I ever tell you how much I love summer :) This summer was so fun! I loved every second with my kids!! They are my world!

The tooth fairys first visit to Titan!!

 Titan lost his first tooth! He was so excited! I can't believe that he is losing his teeth...He isn't that old yet..right??

This kid is awesome!! I Love you Titan! 

The blob

I love summer!!! Seriously its my most favorite time of year! This summer we did a ton of fun activities such as the Blob!! It was awesome! New tradition for sure!

Selfie :)

Selfie :):):) I was taking a pic of my earrings and all the pics turned into selfie pics :) This was my fav :)
I know I'm pathetic ;)

My gorgeous girl!!

Sadi was just practicing taking pictures and Abi was her model.. And lets just say that Abi is definitely a model :) She is so gorgeous!! I love everything about this girl!! These pictures make me so happy!! I LOVE you Abi!! 

Saturday, September 19, 2015


You just have to have a lemonade stand during the summer!! The kids loved it! I think Abi ate more then she sold :) It was so fun and the neighbor kids are so awesome! We Love summer!! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Not so little anymore :(

Please don't make me have to post this! All this does is remind me of how fast time is going and how old my kids are getting! My sweet little Titan graduated! And can I tell u how amazing this kid is.. He is such a good kid! He is so smart! He got up and told everyone all the country's then counted to 10 in Spanish! He is such a good friend..everyone loves him and the best part of this whole day was when the girl next to him put her hat on and it was not turned the right way and he helped her put it on straight.. All by himself! No one asked him to help her.. He just saw she needed help and did it!  He is such an amazing person! I will forever look up to this little guy! He is on his way to do many great thing that I know!! I love u Titan!!!! 


We got second place in bball this year! We should have gotten 1st but .. Well long story :) such a fun time!!! 

Trip to Arizona

Ok so we went to Arizona over the weekend and it was so fun!! We stayed in a sweet hotel with a killer pool and huge lizards! Then watched sadis baby get blessed and had fun spending time with Andrews family. Then went shopping and we all found amazing deals! So all around good trip is pretty much what I'm trying to say! Didn't get any pics though :/ but I did get a picture of the huge lizards Dan would catch! Yes we did bring one home :/ unfortunately it got away :/ but I'm not too sad about it ;) funny story about Dan bringing the lizards into the hotel and the cleaning ladies taking them out.. Dan was pretty ticked and talked to the manager :) and we told Titan if he caught a lizard he would get $5 and he DID!! But before he could show us a hotel employee told him to put it down.. Thank goodness dan saw it and he got his $5 :) he was so happy and dan was so proud :)